Day 16 – 2nd Weigh-In Day

0800 Breakfast: Thermos of Coffee and Cream, yoghurt drink

I was going to meet a friend for lunch at midday as that was the only time she could – so I decided not to eat anything as it was so early, however, as midday rolled around unfortunately she had to cancel on me. Luckily I had a yoghurt drink in the fridge which could tie me over to 1pm which is my usual lunch hour.

1300 Lunch: Pan fried white fish, with salad and vinaigrette dressing

Went out to lunch with one of my colleagues today, and went to my ‘usual’ spot near work, where I know they serve everything from soups to sandwiches, to cooked meals. That way I could ensure that I would get a substantial lunch.

1700 Snack: A few wedges of Pate

In some ways I feel that though this diet is made for me – I love eating cold cuts as snack, and I have no problems to eat a wedge of Pate – C on the other hand, can’t really stomach it, he things its a bit gross…is it? What are your thoughts on this?

2030 Dinner: Indian Take away: Tandori Chicken, Saag Paner, fish tika masala and a cauliflower curry

C was not feeling to well today. He seems to be coming down with a cold – so we decided to stay home and order in take away (this is something we do so seldom). We are very lucky as we leave next door to one of Mexico’s only Indian restaurants so it was very easy and fast. I have to admit though, I really REALLY missed having rice with this dish – its just not the same with out anything to mob up all that good sauce with. Next time, we have food like this, I am going to try to make the cauliflower rice…according to most people on this type of diet it makes for a good substitute.

2130 Dessert: Chocolate mouse

As it is Friday – I thought I would treat our selves with a nice desert (again something we don’t do often). So I decided to make a mouse using dark chocolate (85%). Although I love dark chocolate on its own, in a mouse it really looses its umph – and I was not particularly fond of it. C polished his off though – but I really missed the sweet element. I will try it again with a 75% chocolate and see if that makes a different, if not, I will just have to buckle and use semi-sweet, if we had guests there is just no way I would serve them what I made last night – its not fair!

Summary & Future

As today is Friday – its weigh-in day. I was slightly surprised as it seemed as though I have gained a little weight as today the scale told me 60.7kg.  I refuse however to live my life by the scale, so these weekly weigh-in are purely just one way to monitor how my body is reacting to this diet. As I mentioned yesterday, I have just started my period which could explain the extra weight  and it could explain my incredible appetite for chocolates this week!?

However on another note, my headache is gone and I was feeling really good and very alert all day. One thing that I have definitely noticed this past week, I no longer have that afternoon slump after lunch. I feel alert all afternoon and get my work done.


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