Day 15 – Still not great

08:00 Breakfast: Thermos of coffee and cream, half an avocado

Headache is still not letting up – not happy!

14:00 Lunch: Mixed salad with ham and cheese, with a garlic cream dressing

Had lunch from the cafeteria again – the salads are actually pretty good, feel as though I get my greens as well as my protein and fat. It’s quite a good back up option for when I am not organised enough to bring a packed lunch in.

17:30 Snack: A few wedges of pate

Not really a snack – more of a little nibble in the fridge! But as I promised to be very honest of what I am putting in my body – I guess I had to include it.

1900 Dinner: Fritatta with Goats Cheese and chorizo

I made another fritatta yesterday, but this time I used onions instead of leeks and added some chorizo I had at home. It turned out really well – it’s amazing how versatile the fritatta is, you can really add what ever flavour you have. But to be honest, the chorizo and the goats cheese were probably too strong flavours to have together – it should be one or the other.

2100 Chocolate and Milk Time!

Dont’ ask!

Summer & Future

My headache did not let up all day either – it’s this horrible pounding ache in my forehead and it was driving me crazy. I was drinking so much water in an attempt to ease it, but to no avail. I spoke to my gym instructor today (although I haven’t mentioned the diet to her yet) and she said it was probably lack of sugar – maybe she is correct? So that gave me an excuse to eat my chocolates 🙂 Also, I got my period in the evening (again, I can’t believe I’m writing this for the world to read!!) which could be the reason, why I have been feeling so bad the last few days. Has anyone else had any reactions like this when they started an LCHF diet?



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