Day 14 – Feeling Terrible

0800 Breakfast: Thermos of Coffee with cream, Yoghurt & Cream with berries and nuts.

1300 Lunch: 2 roasted chicken thigh with salad.

I was not organised enough to bring my own lunch with me today – which I hate as  I am forced to eat the canteen food. I immediately regretted it as after I was done, even though it what I ate fits into the LCHF frame, I did not feel very well – maybe it is the oil they use? Also, I got a thumping headache 10 mins after dinner which never went away the whole day.

1600 Snack: Cubed cheddar cheese with celery

Decided to have my snack earlier today at work – so that I could go to Hot Yoga and see if I felt better during the session. Unfortunately my thumping headache never eased off, so I did not end up going to Yoga.

1930 Dinner: Crisp bread with cottage cheese and smoked salmon, wedges of pate and ham

I was not very hungry for dinner – and C had been at a big lunch so none of us felt like cooking. HOwever, this was more than enough for dinner. Really enjoyed the combination of cottage cheese and smoked salmon on a crisp bread, I am definitely going to do that again!

2100 Snack: chocolate with milk

I have no words that describes my discipline!

Future & Summer: Today has been terrible. After lunch I got this thumping headache that just would not disappear. I realise I have not mentioned anything in my food journal about water – but I am drinking far more water now than before, so I know I’m not dehydrated. The headache lasted until I went to bed, but I managed to fall asleep – however, woke up at 2am from the pounding. I finally gave in, took 2 ibuprofen and put an icepack on my forehead and it disappeared. Can this really be a side effect of the diet?


2 thoughts on “Day 14 – Feeling Terrible

    • HI MFH, thanks for stopping by. And yes, headaches tend to be the most common reaction or side affect to the LCHF diet – I hope that you are powering through yours?! Funnily enough, now when I ‘break’ my diet and eat something I shouldn’t (especially sugar) I get even worse headaches!!

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