Day 13

0800 Breakfast: Yoghurt & Cream with berries, Thermos of Coffee and Cream

11:30 Snack: Cubed cheddar Cheese and Celery

I was invited out for lunch with my colleagues today to celebrate a birthday. I knew we were going to a local sushi place so thought I better stock up on some food in case I did not have much options for lunch.

1330 Lunch: Miso Soup and Stir Fried Prawns.

Such a good thing I stocked up on the cheese as my choices for lunch was pretty miserable (the sushi on the other hand looked really good!). So I ordered Miso soup and Prawn stirfry, thinking it would just be prawns and veggies….nope! 6 small prawns, a scattering of soggy zucchini and the rest udon noodles.

1700 Snack: Leek & Goats Cheese Fritatta, slice of smoked salmon.

I was very aware that I had not eaten enough fat or enough food for that matter during lunch to get me through 90 mins of hot yoga. So when I got home, I wolfed down Sunday’s left over and added a bit of smoked salmon.

18:30 Exercise: 90mins Hot Yoga

I was pretty lazy last week, and only exercised twice. So I made myself go to yoga today. I have to admit that I am struggling through Yoga at the moment, half way through, I’m feeling really nauseous and faint. I don’t know if it is because I have not consumed enough ‘fat’ to burn during the session or it is just my body getting used to exercising at altitude again.

The thing with hot yoga is that you need to go on an empty-ish stomach – so you should avoid eating 2 hours before hand. So next time, I am going to make a conscious effort of eating enough fat and eating early enough…see if that helps!

20:30 Dinner: Sausages with onions and fried green beans in butter & Garlic

Loved this dinner. Had absolutely no problems or reactions. I even dolloped on a lot of crema on my plate and used that as a sour cream substitute and it was delicious.

0900 Chockolate and Milk

My goodness this is a hard habit to break! I just enjoy it so much….especially when you are done for the day, and just sitting watching some silly show on tellly!

Summary & Future:

I really have nothing new to report. I feel as though I’m getting into the swing of things, and eveyrthing is ticking along quite nicely.


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