Day 12

08:00 Breakfast: Yoghurt, berries and chopped pecans.

We tried a new brand of greek yoghurt today, and it was delicious, very thick and creamy. I must admit, it would have been even more delicious with a little bit of honey, but this is the nature of the beast…no sugar!

13:00 Lunch: Left over chicken (thigh and leg with skin)

I had planned to buy a salad to have with this, but never got around to it – I was too engrossed in my book (Captain Pantoja and the Special Service by Mario Vargas Llosa – well worth a read). So I just had the chicken and thought I would buy something later but never did.

17:00 Snack: Cheese and celery platter

Because I did not feel as though I had enough fat during the day, I cut up some sharp cheddar into cubes and had that with celery. Which turns out to be a very filling and satisfying snack (well for me anyway). There is something about the fresh crunchy celery that compliments the cheese and which keeps me satisfied.

20:00 Dinner: Fried Salmon fillets, with creamy Spinach and Bacon.

What a disaster! Not the food – the food tasted great (thank you hubby!) but my reaction to it was terrible. In the past I thought it was because I had too much rich food in one sitting which is why my tummy reacted the way it did. But, I have realised now, it is just the cream on its own. I don’t really understand why, as I am not lactose intolerant, I drink milk, cream in my coffee, yoghurt, ice cream (in the past) but when I have a creamy sauce its a painful explosion (sorry for descriptive image!).

10:00 Chocolate and Milk

I have done quite a lot of reading this afternoon about the danger of sugar and its addictive qualities – and I really think I have to stop with my chocolate in the evenings…as I realised I am almost dependent, I just need it! So I’m going to try tomorrow without!

Summary & Future: Apart from my bad tummy this afternoon, all the other symptoms that I was describing last week, have either disappeared or been explained. Apparently headaches and dehydration is quite normal in the beginning of LCHF: 

No one has explained anything about being extra smelly though – anyone have any ideas?


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