Day 10

10:00 Breakfast: 2 Oppsies with butter and cheese

I have been told by one of my reader (yes, my mum!) that I should post my oopsie recipe, I will do so after this!

14:30 Lunch: Baked chicken with soya, ginger and vinegar – Chicken Adobo style, green salad with avocado and panela cheese.

So today we went to the Killers concert in the night (which was a lot of fun by the way!) and we were going to a friends place for some drinks and food before hand. As they were going to be serving tacos, we decided to have a big lunch so that we had enough food in our bellies to last the afternoon and not be too hungry at our friends palce. Which by the way didn’t really work, as 2 hours later we were eating again!

17:30 Dinner: Taco Fillings, 1/2 glass of white wine

It was quite difficult, I had made up my mind that as I had been drinking the night before, I was not going to drink today and I did not want to break the low carb run I have been on. However, when you are invited over to someone’s house who you do not really know very well (or in our case at all, as they were friends of friends) I really did not want to offend them or start discussing my diet and potentially scare off a couple who seem really cool. But I managed to stick to the ice waters most of the time, and ate all the lovely fillings that they had prepared: garlic prawns, stir friend beef, butter onions & vegetables, guacamole and felt very satisfied. In fact I felt full the rest of the night and did not need anything else.

Summary & Future: I have to admit I am feeling pretty smug today. Not only have I managed to lose weight the last 10 days, which really is an added bonus, but I am feeling good. That ‘sexy’ rash on my chest has gone down, I have not had any further cases of headaches, and I feel quite energetic. On the flip side…and this is definitely not sexy and I can’t quite believe that I am going to write this in a public domain…but I feel as though I smell! There – I said it. Yesterday at the office, I was sitting at my desk in the morning and thinking ‘god what is that smell’ and then the realisation that it was me started to sink in – I did one of those discreet stretch and smell your armpit manoeuvres  – and it confirmed my suspicions. I stank! Now, I’m really not a smelly person so this is not a fun new development for me, but it might be the change of diet and that I’m sweating out all that ‘meat’ and ‘cheese’ – I’m hoping like the rash and the headache this will disappear too. Fingers crossed!


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