Day 9 – Weigh-In Day!

08:30 Breakfast: Café late with normal milk from Starbucks.

13:00 Lunch: Stir fried beef and vegetables with side salad and thousand island type dressing, serving of edemame.

I decided to go out for lunch today – I hadn’t been organised enough to bring a packed lunch with me, and I felt that I needed a change of scene. So went to my usual Japanese place with is just a 3 minute walk from work. Armed with my trusty kindle I enjoyed a lovely ‘Japanese-esk’ stirfry on my own. Now, I don’t know exactly what was in all the sauces that the beef was made in – I can imagine there was definitely some sugar and thickener lurking about – but I am not going to get my knickers into a twist about every single ingredient that is in a dish. Lets aim for the bigger picture.

17:30 Snack: Two Oopsies. One with cream cheese and smocked salmon, the other with butter and cheese.

I made another batch of Oppsies last night – I added more baking powder in, and some psyllium husks which gave it a slightly more ‘robust’ consistency. But don’t fool yourselves – these will never feel or taste like bread, so go in with that mentality straight away. I find once I toast them, they get a bit of a crunchier texture which I like. But ultimately you are eating a savoury merengue!

20:30 Dinner: Grilled beef short ribs with salad and wine, and a cheese platter.

We went out for dinner last night with some friends. Went to a small Argentinian steakhouse. I have to admit, that after the massive lump of steak that C made the night before, I was not in the mood for any more red meat, and I should have gone with my gut feeling and ordered the chicken. Three of us ordered the short-ribs, and 2 of the dishes were sent back – half of the strip with pure fat! I decided to keep mine, well…because I’m rubbish at sending things back, and that English side of me shines through where you do not want to make a fuss. I need to learn to be more outspoken! After dinner we went to another place for some more drinks, and as I was still hungry I ordered the cheese platter (I am starting to lose my guilt finally!).

Future & Summary: Today is my official weigh in day today – and do you know what it was? 60.1kg! Which means I went down a further 700g in 2 days. That really is quite impressive especially if you take into consideration I only exercised twice this week!

I am very surprised of the rapid weight loss – I really did not think I would lose so much in one week, as I personally didn’t think I had that much to loose. Its funny, my weight aim for the wedding was to be 60kg or under, and I spent months training, eating right, looking after my body and I managed to get to 62kg. Then less than a week on this diet I drop almost 3 kg. Quite amazing.

These results has definitely made me very motivated to continue this way of eating. One of my readers (yes, alright – my mum!) told me that it is normal to get headaches when you change your diet drastically but that it should go away soon. Well today, I had no headaches and felt generally pretty good/normal all day. One thing I have noticed but have failed to mention in my previous posts, is that I wake up early in the morning (3, 4, 5am) desperate for the loo and incredibly thirty – I don’t know if that has anything to do with the diet or it is my body acclimatising itself to altitude again.

Lets see how the next week goes!

Wish me luck 🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 9 – Weigh-In Day!

  1. when you do not consume many carbs you lose a lot of water weight and salt, that is why you are thirsty and why you dropped weight so quickly 🙂

    • Hi Benita – thank you for your comment 😉 Yes you are absolutely right, these are the side affects when you first go on the LCHF diet, I just didn’t know that then! The good thing is after 8 month being on this diet, I have still managed to keep off the weight and I no longer have any side affects 🙂

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