Day 8 – Not feeling great today

08:30: Thermos of coffee and cream, Greek yoghurt with raspberries and pecans

Although I have been content with just my coffee and a yoghurt drink – my lovely hubby made my breakfast today. Greek yoghurt with berries and nuts! Funnily enough, I felt supper hungry again around 11.30, but had nothing else to much on and made myself wait for lunch

13:00 Lunch: Mixed salad with avocado, smoked sausages, panela cheese, tomato, cucumber and sweet corn.

I bought an average salad at the cafeteria today, and pimped it up with sausages and avocado. I brought a boiled egg with me too but I felt that it would be too much to have in my salad as well (hmm that reminds me…I have a boiled egg in my handbag!).

I got a really thumping headache after lunch, which lasted until I went to bed.

17:30 Snack: 2 crisp bread with cream cheese and smoked salmon, 6 sausages

Yes I know – I said I shouldn’t be eating the crisp bread, but I had no other vehicle for the salmon, as I had no more oopsies at home. Also don’t judge me on those sausages! They are just soo good!

21:00 Dinner: Steak, herb butter, cauliflower and asparagus gratin

We had dinner really late last night as C went to Hot Yoga. Dinner was very good, but again straight after dinner I had stomach cramps and felt (in lack of a better expression) ‘gross’. I really think it must be all that fat (cheese and butter) that my body just does not like.

Summary and Future: Today I did not feel too hot. I woke up with a pimply like rash over my chest (sexy, I know!), got a thumping headache after lunch that just wouldn’t go away, and then after dinner stomach cramps. I have no idea if the rash on my chest or the headache after lunch is a reaction to the diet or not. But I am certain my tummy is not a fan of so much saturated fat at once. It really has to be one or the other for me – not both and more fresh veg.

Something that has been bothering me about this diet is the lack of variety. Every natural food such as fruit, berries, underground vegetables they all come with positive nutritional values – a diet of just steak and cheesy cauliflower cannot possibly meet those requirements. I think it is important to incorporate as much vegetable variety as possible.


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