Day 7 – On a Roll

08:30 Breakfast: Thermos of coffee and Cream, one Nestle Yoghurt drink

Nothing really new to report here. I enjoy my morning ‘breakfast’ and don’t feel that I need any more.

14:00 Lunch: Stuffed Pepper with pork mince and vegetables

Remember how I was saying yesterday I love it when I’m organised! I really do! For lunch today, I got to enjoy yesterday’s left overs and it was delicious (as always is the case with any ‘mince dishes’ they tend to taste better the next day!).

17:00 Snack: 6 smoked mini sausages

Have I mentioned recently how much I love these sausages? They are incredibly addictive!!

19:30 Dinner: Chicken and home made mayo salad with lettuce ‘tacos’.

So my hubby is pretty damn good in the kitchen – and yesterday he made us a cold chicken salad (finally using the rest of that Costco chicken we bought on Sunday) with home-made mayo, celery, onion, parsley and tarragon. We had it with lettuce taco style. And I have to say, I did not miss the bread at all. It was such a fresh and summary dish that we will definitely have this in the future. Will also work nicely as lunch!

22:00 Snack 😦 chocolate and milk.

Damn…i almost made it through the day without my dark chocolate fix!! But went into the kitchen to turn off the lights before bed…and my chocolate cupboard was calling me….

Future & Summary

So I have planned to weigh myself once a week to see if there was any change in my weight (if I was going up – I was abandoning this project quickly). As Friday was the first ‘complete’ LCHF day I had – Friday was going to be my weigh-in day.

However, I jumped on the scale this morning to see where I was standing…and did you know what it said?! 60.8kg umm…I was 63kg 7 days earlier on the same scale! Can that be right!? Although I’m slightly skeptical of the number as it is quite a drastic fall: slightly over 2kg in a week – but it definitly made my day 🙂 (women are silly that way!)

I also feel very good – I have had no side affects the last few days for drastically reducsing my carb intakes.

Lets see what happens tomorrow.


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