Day 6

08:30 Breakfast: Thermos of coffee with cream and probiotic yoghurt drink

I felt good all morning and didn’t feel as though I needed any food. I got hungry around 1pm, but went to the gym and my hunger subsided.

13:00 Gym: 40 minutes aerobics/zumba

I am very lucky that I have a gym in my office – it means I can run down during my lunch breaks and get a quick 40-45 minute work out. I tend to do this at least 3 times a week.

14:30 Lunch: Stuffed eggplant with minced beef in a tomato gravy.

I bought lunch from the cafeteria today as I did not have time to prepare anything this morning (seriously this whole day light savings time is messing with my mornings!). The stuffed eggplant originally had a layer of pastry on top of the minced meat, but I was able to pick it away.

17:30 Snack: 2 crisp bread. One with cream cheese and chorizo, the other with butter, cheese and marmite (don’t judge it goes fantastically together!)

So I cheated slightly today – as I ate two of these Swedish crisp breads. I have done some reading on various LCHF websites that have kind of relented and said that if you must have something bread like – this is an OK option. However, C caught me and gave me a lecture about you either do the diet properly or not at all…time to make more oppsies!

20:30 Dinner: Stuffed pepper with pork mince and melted cheese

It is just by coincidence that I ate two stuffed vegetables today with mice. I had planned to make the stuffed peppers for dinner anyway – and they were delicious and filling. I made enough to bring a pepper with me tomorrow for lunch 🙂 YAY I love it when I plan ahead and am organised.

Summery & Future: I felt very pleased with how today went. I did not feel overfull in the morning, which I have done since I started LCHF and it made me feel rather uncomfortable. A thermos full coffee with cream keeps me satisfied until lunch, I will continue to do so in the future. Although I ate two different types of stuffed vegetables today – it really inspired me of future dishes. You can change the flavour of the mince so easily – Italian inspired, Thai inspired, Chinese inspired. It also reminded me of an old childhood favourite – Kål Dolma, which is basically minced meat rolled in cabbage and baked…something for the weekend perhaps? 🙂



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