Day 5 – Back On The Wagon!

08:30 Breakfast: Two Oppsies with full fat cream cheese and smoked salmon, coffee with cream.

I was really looking forward to my  breakfast today – I mean what is better than smoked salmon for breakfast? Although I was not too keen on them yesterday, the oopsies demonstrated to be a fantastic vehicle for all these great toppings you can have. I felt very full all morning up until lunch.

13:00 Lunch: Mixed salad, with panela cheese, onions, olives, tomato, pickles and smoked mini sausages

I love the smoked mini sausages from Costco. So I brought bag with me of cut up mini sausages, bought a normal salad at the cafeteria, and added these bad boys into it. It made for a pretty tastey and filling salad. But to be honest, I was still rather full from breakfast – or is this what it feels like to be satisfied? Have I not been eating enough during the day and have just got used to being really really hungry?

17:30 Snack: 2 Oppsies toasted with butter and cheese, and 6 mini sausages

Now we are talking – toasted oppsies! They almost lose their spongy texture and there is a bit of a bite to it. Not only that, but the flavour of the cream cheese comes out really nicely. That with butter and cheese – it was delicious. I definitely will be making a large batch of oppsies in the future – and pop them in the toaster when needed (it will never be as good as a real toast, but an acceptable alternative). Now for the 6 saugages, I really did not need them..but they were looking all lonely in the fridge so I just had to finish them – plus its part of the diet, no?

18:30 Exercise: Hot Yoga. This is a real work out, and one that you need to have enough energy in your body before you go, otherwise you will really suffer. Its 90minute yoga session in a room heated to 40°C room – its pretty intense. In fact I have written about it in my other blog The Travelling Chopsticks – which you can see here:

20:30 Dinner: Mixed Salad with Roast chicken, parmesan, creama and herbs

Creama is a Mexican diary product, which I think is a mixture of sour cream, and crème fraiche. I love it, its not as thick or as sour as sour cream, but it has a lovely texture. Mixed with some dried tarragon, salt and pepper it made for a really lovely salad dressing which complimented the chicken (left over from the Costco chicken we had bought yesterday).

22:00 Snack 😦 30g dark chocolate and milk

As I’m wirting this I am munching on my usual treat – dark chocolate and milk. In the past when I was following a rather low carb and low fat meal plan, I would always reward myself in the evening with this. Its a habit that I think will be hard to break – and one i’m not sure I want to break – but maybe I will be tougher tomorrow.

Future: Overall, I felt pretty good today with my meals. I added in a lot more fresh vegetables and products, which I really felt I had missed. However I do feel slightly too full during the day at work – becuase I’m sitting at a desk hours on end I do not feel as though I need so much food (even though its allowed)! I was doing some research today  and came across a LCHF forum, and one of the questions was regarding breakfast and what people ate – and it seemed as though many people felt satisfied until lunch with their coffee and cream and didn’t really have breakfast. This is what I’m going to try tomorrow!


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