Day 4

11:00 Breakfast: Slice of Banana bread (BAD)

Remember the bottle of wine I nearly polished off yesterday? Well that coupled with the fact that the clocks went forward in Mexico today, meant that we had an incredibly rushed morning. So when we were at our friends place to visit their 12 day old baby, I had to sneak a slice of banana bread and a glass of water just to have something in my tummy.

14:00 Lunch: Rotisserie Chicken thigh & Green Salad with Cucumber

We did a big supermarket and Costco run today. Bought everything we needed to be successful for the next few weeks. Full FAT EVERYTHING! (it’s quite liberating actually). Needless to say, I could buy and eat the rotisserie chicken at Costco without an ounce of guilt! Skin with that I hear you say – YES PLEASE. (I did feel guilty about it afterwards – seriously what is with me and my food and guilt issues?!)

20:00 Dinner: Cheese and Cold Meat Plate with an Oopsie!

Despite what you may think, and Oopsie is a type of “bread” that people on the LCHF diet use as a bread substitute (made from eggs and cream cheese)- you can find the recipe here. I have to admit, neither I nor C was overly thrilled with it. It’s rather eggy and spongy – but I guess it was OKAAAY when you put slices of cheese on it (at least I thought so, C still needs some persuasion)

10:00 Snack: 4 squares Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt and glass of milk.

I know, I know….this is totally is not on the LCHF diet…but what else am I going to eat and enjoy while I watch Game of Thrones?!


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