Day 3 – FAILED

So I’m not even going to record what I ate today – apart from breakfast which started out well with a ham and cheese omelet. The rest of the day went to pot.  At lunch time I found myself in Estado de Mexico and being invited to a home cooked lunch of rice, tamales, mole and chicken, and my drinking options were coke or fanta.

Although I was determined to stick to my diet – I also realised something important, that sometimes when you leed the life we leed living abroad and constantly travelling – you don’t always have a choice, and you can’t beat yourself up about it. Was I meant to turn around to this lovely Mexican lady and say “sorry I can’t eat your delicious carb loaded food because I’m on a diet?” I think not.

Then in the evening we were invited to our good friends house to learn how to make pork dumplings…I’m sorry there was no way I was going to give up an opportunity to learn how to make those (Plus the great company)!! Although maybe polishing off nearly a bottle of wine on my own was not so necessary….

Lets try again tomorrow!


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