My LCHF Journey

Welcome to LCHF…What?

LCHF is a new way of eating (I’m avoiding the word diet as I hate it!) that has become incredibly popular in Sweden, and is slowly spreading across the globe. It stands for Low Carb High Fat. Yes. You did read that right, Low Carb HIGH FAT!

I first heard about this seemingly crazy concept from my brother and his girlfriend. When he explained it to me – I point blank did not believe it and more or less laughed down the phone at him. “What? Your telling me, I am allowed to eat bacon, creamy sauces, cheese everyday, and its good for me….? However, my tune was to slowly change for two reasons.

1. My brother is diabetic and have always had problems controlling his blood sugar level since he was diagnosed with diabetes 6 years ago at the age of 29. However, after one month of following LCHF he said he finally had control over his blood sugar levels (which is fantastic)

2. I saw my brother for the first time in over a year last month at my wedding (thank you, thank you!) and he looks fantastic. I mean, he always looks fantastic (he got all the good-looking genes in the family) but most importantly really healthy looking!

With a little encouraging push from my brother’s girlfriend, I decided that I had to take a closer look at this LCHF phenomenon that seems to be taking Sweden by storm and did a bit of my own research – the more I read, the more I got excited about this concept and the more it started to make a little more sense to me.

I highly recommend to read the blog Diet Doctor which is written by Andreas Eenfeldt (in English) the man who seems to be responsible for pushing LCHF in Sweden:

As well as watching his 1 hour-long presentation on the subject where he covered most (not all) of my skeptic thoughts:

These are good starting off points, and from here you will be able to find a whole host of information on the subject – if you are interested.

LCHF Diet (damn it…i used the word after all!)

Just to quickly summarise this is what you can and cannot eat:


  • All full fat products – Light products are made with a lot of chemicals and added sugars to make them still taste/look like the original
  • All kinds of meat with fat and skin
  • Fish & shellfish: The fattier the better (salmon, mackerel, eel)
  • All types of vegetables that generally grow above ground
  • Eggs
  • Diary products: Full fat options only
  • Nuts: within moderation
  • Berries: Within moderation
  • Coffee & Tea with cream, Water


  • Alcohol: Dry wine (red or white) whiskey, vodka, cocktails without sugar
  • Dark Chocolate (70%) and higher

NO 😦

  • Sugar: Soft Drinks, sweets, sport drinks, juice, milk chocolates, ice cream, cakes, pastries and sweet breakfast cereal
  • Starch: Pasta, Rice, Bread, potatoes (or other vegetables that grow under ground)
  • Margarine
  • Beer
  • Fruit: Due to its high sugar content. Should only be eaten as a treat.

After reading up on the topic – I was intrigued by what I had learned, but still incredibly skeptical. At the end of the day it was turning everything that has been hammered into my brain about health upside down. So the only way to see if this was something for me was to try it. My husband and I have decided to do a  1 month LCHF challenge and see what we think and feel about this.

This blog will primarily work as a way for me to keep a food journal of sorts during this time, record what I have eaten (honestly) and chart how my body feels and reacts over the next month. After the month is over…we will see what happens!

I hope that you if your interested in starting LCHF, this may provide you with a deeper insight on what it entails and if it is something for you.

A bit about Me!

My name is Alex, I am half Swedish half English and am currently living in Mexico with my husband. I have another blog which focuses on food and travelling, it’s called The Travelling Chopsticks please visit it 🙂

As you can see from The Travelling Chopsticks, food in all forms have always been my biggest interest, whether its reading about it, dreaming about it, cooking it or eating it – I just love it. Which is why I am still quite skeptical of the LCHF diet. I am (was?) a big believer in a balanced diet and that everything natural is good for you.

Although I’m not a big fan of reviling my stats, but in the name of science and for this blog it is important:

  • Age: 30 years
  • Height: 1.69m
  • Weight: 63kg (I fluctuate between 62-64kg weekly)
  • Exercise: I try to do excercise 3-4 x a week minimum

As you can see from the above, I am a relatively healthy person. I am of average height and average weight and try to exercise often. I’m not doing this to lose weight (although I will not complain if that does happen – on the other hand if I gain waight, I’m stopping this silly experiement IMMEDIATELY!) This little adventure is to explore the realities of an LCHF lifestyle and if it is something for myself and my husband (yes, I have persuaded him to do this challange wtih me).

So welcome to LHCF….WhAT?


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