Day 1 – The First Dinner

Dinner: Fried Pork Chops (in butter) with creamy Dijon mustard sauce, served with a side of cauliflower cheesy mash.

Although I really enjoyed my dinner as it was delicious, I had these really guilty feelings of eating so much cream meat and cheese(and it’s only Thursday!). Although I felt full far more quickly than normal, and unusually for me, I didn’t wipe my plate clean, and there was absolutely no thoughts of having seconds. (FYI The cauliflower recipe needs improvement – far too watery).

20 minutes after dinner – my stomach started to cramp and react. I think it is because all this cream and cheese is a bit of a shock to the system. I also felt uncomfortably full.

Future Plans: I think I can only have one high-saturated fat element in my meal and not two. Having both the thick cream sauce and the cheesy cauliflower, did not sit well.


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