Day 27 – Delayed

The holiday yesterday threw me off a bit on my timing. But here is the update on what my day looked like on Tuesday:

0800 Breakfast: Yoghurt with cream, berries and nuts. Thermos of coffee with cream

1300 Exercise: 40 mins aerobics

To be honest I don’t really know if what we did is called aerobics, but I do know there was a LOT of leg and arm work! Which felt good!

1400 Lunch: Kalpudding

Still need to post the recipe on the kalpudding (Cabbage casserole).

1700 Snack: Coffee with Cream

Didn’t feel very hungry but was in need of a cafine kick!

2100 Dinner: Fritatta with Salad and Cesar dressing

C wasn’t very hungry as he had a late business lunch, and I wanted something more than cold cuts, but didn’t feel like cooking. So it became a fritatta again – i have to say I love it! I also had a side of crispy romaine lettuce with Cesar dressing.

Future & Summary

Nothing to add today!


Day 26

0800 Breakfast: Yoghurt with cream, berries and nuts. Thermos of coffee and cream

1300 Lunch: Kål Pudding (Cabbage Pudding)

OK – so in English this does sound good at all! But I promise you it is – it used to be one of my favourite dishes that my grandmother used to make when we came to visit. Very typical Swedish peasant food (not saying my granny with a peasant…but you know what I mean!)

Basically its fried cabbage with minced meat and baked in the oven for 30-45 minutes. Traditionally served with potatoes and a brown gravy (of course) but I had it as is and really enjoyed it. I will post the recipe soon!

1700 Snack: 2 seed crackers with cheese, tea with milk

I really wanted to have a cafe late today around 3pm – as that worked so well the last time I went to hot yoga, but as there was a strike outside our office (one thing I hate about Mexico) and right next to Starbucks, I decided that I could live without it.  So had some tea and crackers instead.

1830 Exercise: 90 mins hot yoga

Did really well the first hour and 10 minutes – but then I crashed! The last 20 minutes of yoga killed me and I really struggled even to stay in the class – the heat felt unbearable today. I really think Hot Yoga is not only a physical challenge, but incredibly mental as well. If you brain is not in the right frame of mind you have lost the battle!

2100 Dinner: Mixed cold cuts, cheese, vegetable and cracker plate. Tea with milk

To be honest, I felt so sick after hot yoga the idea of food was incredibly off-putting. C made a lovely Cesar salad with chicken and bacon (made the dressing from scratch too) but I just couldn’t face it. However, I knew I had to have something in my belly – or I was going to feel terrible in the morning. So had a couple of slices of pork terrine, a wedge of Roquefort cheese, sliced up capsicum and crackers. It was just what I needed, and I could pick it at, until I was full.

Future & Summary:

Again, not much to add today. All signs of side-affects from changing to the LCHF diet seem to have disappeared. I no longer have headaches, no rash on my chest…and best of all I no longer smell 😉 (which is alawys a bonus)

Day 25

1030 Breakfast: 2 Home Made Seed Cracker. One with cream cheese and pate, One with butter & Cheese. Coffee with Cream

I made these home-made seed crackers – which were awesome. I will share the recipe shortly. They have far more consistency that Oppsie bread and far nicer to eat! I’m excited that I have found them!

1400 Lunch: Tea with Almond Milk

I was not at all hungry at lunch time, but knew I had to have something in my tummy, as we had an appointment between 3 and 5. I’m part of charity committee here in Mexico, and we spent a couple of hours at a local orphanage helping them set up their new library with all the new books and games we had donated. It was a lovely afternoon. But there was temptation everywhere! The other volunteers had backed some amazing cakes, biscuits and muffins, then they ordered pizza – it was torture! But C and I stayed strong 🙂

1800 Snack: 1 almond cookie with brie cheese

When I got home, I just needed something to tie me over until dinner. C had made these almond cookies the day before, which on their own I am not too excited about, but with the brie cheese, they were delicious, I will share these with you too!

1930 Dinner: Fried Chicken thigh with Salad, glass of red wine

Originally we were planning on eating salmon filets for dinner. However, after we left the orphanage and managed to abstain from all those goodies – C was determined to indulge in some fried chicken. So C was in charge of dinner – and he made them brilliantly, really crispy skin and succulent – what a lucky girl I am to have a hubby who is such a good cook!

2100 Snack: Chamomile Tea, which Sea Salt Dark Chocolate!

I have swapped out the milk for the tea – this is my first step to try to cut out milk completely. But I have decided that I am not cutting out my chocolate. I am not a fatty and I have no health problems to worry about, so I am going to enjoy this!

Future and Summary

I was actually surprised how little appetite I have had during the days over the weekend. This is something incredible for me as I am constantly hungry and wanting to nibble on something. I feel as though I have increased my fat consumption this week, and maybe that is the reason.

I am now on my final leg of this journey – and I’m feeling really excited. How I feel now, this is something I will definitely continue with in the future. I may even give myself another month…let’s see how it goes!

Day 24

1030 Breakfast: Egg & Cheese Omelette with Crispy Bacon, Coffee with cream

We woke up pretty last this morning, but then again this is what the weekends are about no? C made us breakfast this morning, which was pretty substantial and kept me full all morning and most part of the afternoon.

1500 Lunch-ish: Tea with Almond milk and bits and pieces.

First of all – I really liked the Almond milk in my tea! Gives it such a lovely nutty flavour – this is what has been so interesting with this diet, I really have been made to try things I would never have done otherwise, and have realised there is so much I enjoy!

C and I went to the market in the morning, and I nibbled on some pork crackling or chicharon as it is called in Mexico. You can buy an entire back of pig if you wanted to and the stuff is not only addictive, but incredibly filling. But it really feels as though you are feasting on chips as it has that lovely crunchy texture that I have been missing. I also snacked on a bit of fried cheese – that was one of C’s experiment, that I was not at all hungry for proper food.

1700 Exercise: 90 mins Hot Yoga.

Another great class today. We had an Indian instructor who conducted the whole class in English which really helped me focus and correct some of my positions. I felt that the fat I had eaten earlier in the shape of crackling and cheese gave me sufficient energy to get through the class and keep me focused.

2030 Dinner: Date NIGHT! Tuna tartar and grilled octopus to start (Shared), entrecote with Bernice sauce and salad for the main…..and then I crumbled, chocolate fondant for desert (Shared) + a bottle of wine (Shared)

C has been out of town all of last week – and we are going to be incredibly busy the entire month of May entertaining and travelling that we decided to have a date night. We went to one of our favourite restaurants in our neighbourhood called Brassi and enjoyed a lovely meal. We did so well in the first and second course – but I just really fancied something sweet to end the night with. Which I have to say is unusual for me, as I am never that interested in desert – its almost as though, now that I can’t have it, I want it even more. But I don’t regret it at all – it was lovely and amazing and I enjoyed every scoop of the gooey dark chocolate! 🙂

Summary & Future

Nope. Nothing to add today!

Day 23 – Weigh In Day

0830 Breakfast: Thermos of coffee and cream, cheese cubes and chorizo

I ran out of Greek yoghurt today, but knew I had cheese and chorizo in the fridge at work, so decided that would be good enough for breakfast and it was. Kept  me full until my lunchtime date with my colleague.

1300 Lunch: Stir fried beef with vegetables, salad and thousand Island dressing

Went out for lunch again today – this week I’m really on a roll!! I went to my usual Japanese restaurant around the corner and had their Friday special which is the stir fried beef in oyster sauce. I am certain the oyster sauce does not fit into the LHCF lifestyle as there must be sugar and preservatives in there, but so be it!

1700 Snack: Tea with milk

Felt full from lunch so did not need any snack this afternoon – but enjoyed a nice cup of tea instead!

2030 Dinner: Stir Fried Cauliflower Rice with vegetables

Really excited about this cauliflower rice. I had some vegetables that needed to be used up and decided to make a fried rice with the left over cauliflower that I put in the freezer. I need to work on the consistency as I think I chopped up the cauliflower too small – but can definitely see the potential!

Future & Summary

 I weighed myself today – and my sneaky suspicion that I went up is confirmed. I went up a 1kg since last week. I now weigh 61.8 kg – I have to admit this did not please me at all. I felt so cocky after the 1st week where I went down quite dramatically that increasing again is tough mentally. BUT, after really thinking about it, there could be many reasons why I had such a rapid weight loss in the first week.

  1. Loss of water due to change of diet
  2. Body re-adjusting to new diet
  3. Faulty scale

In fact I think it is a combination of all 3! Having said that however, I still feel very good, and most importantly I feel as though my clothes fit me better at the moment, and I have lost a bit of my muffin top which really is the best indicator of all. I have one more week left of this challenge, and I am looking forward to the end. Writing these food journals does get a bit boring! I can’t imagine what they are like to read!!

Day 22

0800 Breakfast: Yoghurt with cream and raspberries, Grande café Late from Starbucks

C is out of town – and he has taken on the role of breakfast maker in our household, which includes making sure I have a lovely hot thermos of coffee with cream ready for me as I walk out the door – am I not the most spoilt girl in the world?

Obviously – with him gone, it threw off my morning schedule slightly – so I had to settle for Starbucks instead – C’s coffee is soo much better!

1300 Exercise: 30 mins Spinning.

It wasn’t as vigorous as I was hoping the class would be, but I worked up a bit of a sweat and got the blood pumping which has to count for something.

1430 Lunch: Cafeteria Mixed salad (sin corn!) with cheese and ham, and full fat Cesar dressing.

The dressing with really rich and rather overpowering, so I felt full half way through my salad and couldn’t finish it. I do however worry about what they put in their salad dressing – although it is full fat, I am sure there are lots of nasty stuff floating around in that dressing. Maybe I should start making my own?

1830 Dinner: Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and spinach and cream

I had no snack today as I was still full from lunch, so decided to have an early dinner instead. As it’s just me at home, I had no real desire to slave away in the kitchen just to feed myself (although usually I love doing that), so opted for something easy to prepare – and this really hit the spot.

2130 Snack: Chocolate and milk

Summary & Future

Not a lot to add today. Everything seems to be ticking along nicely – I feel as though I have got into the groove of things and I am experiencing no more side effects or discomfort.

Day 21

0800 Breakfast: Greek Yoghurt with cream, raspberries and pecans nuts. Thermos of coffee

1130 Snack: A few cubes of cheddar cheese and chorizo

I was going to meet a friend of mine for lunch today – and knew she wanted to go to the Korean place around the corner (yes it is very good!), but after my less than impressive choice the last time we were there…I decided to prepare myself, so that I wouldn’t be too hungry.

1300 Lunch: Stirfried Pork with lettuce wraps

I have no idea what it was called, but it was stir fried bacon with onion, some chili sauce which you then wrapped up in some flavourful leaves and popped in some raw garlic. Apart from being slightly sweet – it was really good! Although I did pity anyone that came in a meter radius of me, as I must have just reeked garlic! It was a huge portion, and as I wasn’t very hungry due to aforementioned snack I took home the left overs.

1700 Snack: Black Tea with milk

I wasn’t very hungry due to such a bit lunch – but I wanted something before Hot Yoga tonight.

1830 Exercise: 90 Mins Hot Yoga

Another really good class. I really had to battle with myself to go – but I managed to talk myself into it, and am really glad that I did. I had a lot of energy all the way through and saw some marked improvement in my flexibility.

For those of you who don’t know what Hot Yoga is you are missing out! But you can read about it here

2030 Dinner: Left over Melanzane

Yup – after 3 meals of the Melanzane I am starting to get bored of it. Luckily I only have a little bit left, which I am sure I can snack on tomorrow….but it has been incredibly convenient to heat up after yoga and I have been on my own this week so have had little desire to cook.

2130 Snack: Chocolate

Did you see that? I just had a little bit of chocolate and no milk…I’m cutting it out slowly! Next week, I am going to try to cut out chocolate a few more evenings, and drink tea instead – maybe that will help.

Future & Summary

I had a sneaky peak on the scale today – and I was not happy. According to the scale it looks as though I have gone up! After my initial reaction of irritation – I decided to forget about it. 3 different people have told me this week, that I am looking good, and I can even see the difference in my yoga clothe – and we all know spandex is unforgiving!

I really notice the difference of my energy level in hot yoga as well – it has definitely increased, and I don’t feel absolutely zapped of my energy afterwards, which has always been the case in the past.

I know this week I have been out to lunch twice, which is not normal for me and I know I’m out for lunch again tomorrow, but if this is going to be a lifestyle change – this is what will happen in life, and I can’t worry about th scale!